Laurie Santos wants women (and men) to find their way back to living meaningful lives. She talks about how tapping into what your soul needs is the pa...View Details

The pandemic has gotten me down and finding inspiration has been tough. And then a tweet changed my thinking. Thought, feeling, action is the way to c...View Details

Ronnie Sharpe is organized, inspired and here to share ideas and information on how you can have fun during a pandemic. Homeschool, parents, families ...View Details

A professional stylist with a holistic approach, this will get your energy going. Stylist Laurie Harden offers her miracle morning routine to help you...View Details

Julie Leonard believes in happiness and her tips and advice are pure gold. If you’d like to lift your depression, sadness and hopelessness, listen to ...View Details

I dig into emotional intelligence and why it's vital to have this skill if you want to get through the pandemic with the best possible outcome. If you...View Details

Jeff Meyer is a writer. He started speechwriting for politicians in New Jersey in the heart of politics. He’s also written treatments and scripts for ...View Details

Myles watched peers being held back by fears of becoming irrelevant, not having any meaning or purpose in their lives, losing their self-identity and ...View Details

Keith wants you to be your best self. His advice and focus on delivering executive presence is powerful and important. It’s easy to feel beat down or ...View Details

Amy works with people – lawyers mostly – every day to help them enhance their career. As a coach who’s “been there”, she helps clarify values and prio...View Details

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