While the pressure is on to re-open business "carefully", we know this isn't business as usual. Here are vital marketing tips for how to reopen in a w...View Details

Stephanie is an artist, educator, and coach. Drawing on her background in movement, meditation, and psychology, she guides people to achieve their gre...View Details

Elizabeth is a Certified KonMari Consultant and life coach. She has two service offerings to help you find what sparks joy in your life and together y...View Details

Kol is a legislative assistant in San Mateo County who provides research and analysis to her supervisor. She has worked as a Climate Change advocate a...View Details

Kim Johnson runs Grounds For Clarity, an intuitively-based, soul-led and community-driven entity utilizing an innovative approach to broaching discuss...View Details

Now is the time to start living with intention. You can chart your future. It’s possible. Today I share a tool for starting to figure out what means m...View Details

For many years, guest Michelle Kuei let negative beliefs about herself rule her. Naturally, this led to a period of depression, ruined friendships, an...View Details

Guest Laurel Sutton is a linguist who loves naming things. Ever wondered how a name is created? It’s harder than you think – is also involves many ste...View Details

Guest Gloria Nayal is a life coach and an athletic coach who works with teens regularly. She's seen it all and her tips for motivating teens are authe...View Details

Guest Shelley Karpaty has spent years working as a recruiter. She shares how recruiters screen applicants and gives insight into how to get noticed an...View Details

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